Can the Public handle the truth? Or do they want to?


I have wondered much over the past few weeks if the public really wants to hear the truth.  To quote Jack Nicholson from “A Few Good Men”, I often think “you can’t handle the truth!”.  During a conversation with some liberal friends this past weekend (yes I do have some) we were talking about Medicare and Social Security.  We never got to any debate about how to fix them, you see, we could not all agree there was even a problem.  I got all kinds of sideways arguments on how they deserved these entitlements and how they paid in all those years.  I was told of how critical Medicare is for seniors and how dare I want to “drive granny over the cliff”.  Wow, no wonder politicians will not touch this problem.
The reality is Medicare and Social Security are not sustainable, period.  People very much misunderstand fiscal conservatives.  There are lots of programs I support wholeheartedly, I just want them to actually be paid for.  The truth is for the first time in history, we can now expect to take less out of social security than we put in.  There may be healthy debate about how to fix the problem, but to say there is no problem just proves- you can’t handle the truth!

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