Obama will lose big this fall


I hear lots of people predicting the President will cruise to re-election.  It is hard to unseat an incumbent.  But as we look back at the primary season, we look at Obama’s big gamble, and see it did not pay off- he has a very steep climb to get re-elected.  Why, because of the money thing.  Obama outspent McCain 3 to 1 in order to win last time.  Now, so far he has outspent Romney by a similar margin.  The problem is, he was hoping to bury Romney so deep he could not dig out, that has not happened.  And now, Romney can spend freely since he is officially the nominee.  Romney is in a position to easily outspend Obama from her until the election.  So given that Obama could only keep the race close or show a very slim lead when outspending his opponent, it is hard to imagine Romney will not pull ahead when he is able to outspend the President by a wide margin.

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