Will the Debate change the Election?


Rarely has a debate changed the course of an election.  Last night as I watched Romney have a great performance and provide and almost perfect contrast to the President’s lackluster performance, I wondered if this might be one of those elections.  There were a few sound bites and a couple zingers thrown about.  But for the most part, it was simply the general impression everyone was left with.  Romney seemed eager, excited and in command of facts, figures, and those details Obama has always accused him of not having.  In stark contrast, Obama, as if he did not know he was on a split screen, appeared disinterested and just disengaged at many times.  Looking down and just plain looking like he would rather be anywhere than where he was.
The facts, well we have looked through all of the pundits fact checking and it seems that no one really can say Romney had any big errors- yes, here and there are differences of opinion, but no hard cold mistakes.  All in all, it was exactly the performance Romney needed and may be a big missed opportunity for Obama.

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