Obama, What would you do in second term?


It occurred to me the other day as I debated a young Obama volunteer on my front porch (yeah, wrong door to knock on) that we have heard precious little about what Obama would do if re-elected.  Oh, we have heard how it is still all Bush’s fault and we have heard about how bad Romney is.  But I think the fundamental reason Obama was elected the first time was because he carried a message (however absurd and unrealistic) of “hope”.  He had some specific (if lofty) goals or ideas about what he thought should happen.  Now he is silent.  Is he out of ideas?
I will admit a low point came when I mentioned that most of the jobs created were minimum wage service jobs.  I told her you could live on that.  She then proceeded to tell me that she made minimum wage and lived just fine!
Then she exclaimed that all of the misinformation (translation, facts.) were making her antsy and she ran away, literally.
I could only hope she did not give up as I thought every door this young lady knocked on was a vote for Romney for sure!

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