Voters should consider value, along with results


I have heard much mentioned about the supposed success of Obama in keeping the economy from the abyss and getting what can best be described as a modest recovery going.  But while we can argue about whether it is going in the right or wrong direction, there can be NO argument about value.  Think of it like this, if I give you a Toyota Camry for $30,000 and then let you drive a Lexus ES500, you would undoubtedly say the ES500 is nicer and drives much better and you would like to have it.  Now if I said it was going to cost an extra $5,000 you would say “give me the keys!” but if I said it was going to cost an extra million dollars, no one in their right mind would say, well it is a better car, I’ll take it!
That is the problem here.  Even this anemic recovery has come at such a cost that the value in the recovery is nil.  Anyone could have spent more than a trillion dollars and gotten the economy to start moving a little bit forward.  The question is- did we get good value for the trillion dollars we spent?

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