People Died, Obama Lied!


Okay, so I could not help myself from tweaking the infamous phrase thrown at President Bush all the time.  After last night’s debate, I think the Libyan debacle may have some legs.  I will never understand why a quick mea culpa and move on does not seem like a good idea to politicians.  It is ALWAYS the cover up.  Now, I could have believed that a poorly coordinated State Department and Intelligence Community that is still loathe to exchange information led to confusion about what really happened.
After last night’s comment by Obama, which was so far out of the “spin” category it is just a plain lie.  You only lie to cover up something you did WRONG!  So now, I truly believe the administration purposely misled the American people for political gain.  Obama knows he cannot run on the economy, so he was hoping his strength could lie in foreign policy.  To admit we just suffered an Al Qaeda attack would undercut this dramatically.  So he did what he does best, changed the facts to suit his needs.

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