Obama the Campaigner has never been able to become Obama the President


Bill Clinton was one of the slickest campaigner’s to enter the political raucous in our country’s history.  What he will be remembered for most, I believe, is his ability to pivot and actually govern.  It takes far different skills to make the transition from teleprompter sound bites and partisan rhetoric to compromise and bridge building to find a consensus to govern a divided nation.
I am not sure why, but Obama has never been able to get out of campaign mode.  He is always out there with his rhetoric and sound bites and never there with true leadership.  And for those who will be quick to say Congress is to blame in whole or even part, remember- leadership in the federal government must ALWAYS come from the President.  Or almost always.  The reason is simple, Congress cannot lead, even the leaders of Congress represent a group with diverse opinions and competing goals.  So it become hard for Boehner for example, to put forth a proposal and then be attacked from all sides.  The President is just one man, he can lead because he does not have any conflict in his own camp- a camp of one.  So it is naturally incumbent on the President more so than the Congress to put forth these grand ideas and policies to transform the country.

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