Obama the Manipulator


As I watch carefully parsed words in carefully parsed statements, it frankly angers me.  When it comes to the Boston bombings- these were NOT homegrown terrorists as the left would like to refer to them.  They were not born here (although they did come over and take our government assistance).  They did not learn to make the bombs here. (although you can learn on the internet, it is very tricky and can rarely be done without some formal training, which the broth received while on a trip to Chechnya)
They would like to chalk this up to some kind of homegrown problem because then they do not have to tell you that Obama did not keep you safe.  Terrorism hit our shores again on his watch.  And I do not necessarily think a President will always be able to prevent 100% of terrorism, but please, do not insult me by lying about it.  Benghazi was bad enough.

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