What is it going to cost me? It just might be worth it.


I am struck at how everyone has forgotten something I learned in early childhood. You do not get something for nothing. No free lunch, that sort of thing. When I look at any of the government regulations and going after banks, oil companies, insurance companies. When I look at ObamaCare. When I look at tackling climate change, I feel like I am the only one smart enough to ask “What is it going to cost me?” It is real slick for the politicians to tell us it won’t cost anything- they will take it from this company or that company or this little group of people. I know better. Simple math tells us better.
Now don’t get me wrong, I spend money all the time. I look at the price and decide if I want and can afford something. I am not saying all government programs are bad or that I would like to sink into some anarchist economy where anything goes. I am not saying I do not want to provide basic health coverage to those who cannot afford it.
If climate change exists, prove it to me, show me the impact, and tell me what it will cost to fix it. Just do not tell me that I would not understand- that I just need to trust the government- and please do not tell me I can have the world and it won’t cost me a dime.
Have more faith in the American people, all of them. We have shown we are willing to pay extraordinary amounts of blood, sweat and money to do extraordinary things.

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