Guru Contributors

The Republican Guru would like to welcome the following guest contributors.  Have something to say- sign up to post comments or apply to become a guest contributor.

Helen Humphreys
Helen is the owner of a several small businesses.  She successfully navigated the corporate world after receiving her Masters in Human Resources.  Having seen the business world through the eyes of corporate executive and small business owner, she brings us a unique perspective on how Washington’s policies affect businesses of all sizes.  As a mother of two, she will also sound off on matters affecting families across our country.

Bob Conner
After a very successful career in the tech industry, Bob Conner changed pace and became a high school tech teacher.  He has a front row view for our country’s education policies and how they are affecting our ability to teach our youth.  With Washington DC being one of his favorite cities, we can count on Bob for first hand accounts of the many events in DC he attends each year.